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CNC Machining Services

Hempstead & Johnson have over 30 years experience of precision CNC machining. Our factory in Buckinghamshire is equipped with the latest in CNC technology to provide quick turn around of small or large quantities of precision machined components.



H&J offer the following CNC and conventional services:

H&J constantly update services to keep abreast of recent advances in material development, and H&J now specialise in the machining of:-


CNC Precision Machining

H&J offer precision CNC machining, milling and turning. As well a working to conventional drawings, H&J are able to work with DXF, IGES and PDF files, sent either by e-mail or supplied on disc.


cnc machined casting

Precision Machined Casting



H&J work with a variety of materials including steel, aluminium, brass, copper, plastic, and exotics, such as titanium & gun metal. Our strength is our experience of working with different materials in many diverse industries. We also source welding, fabrication, and finishing which enables us to offer a complete service to you, the customer.



H&J specialize in taking cast components and finish machining all surfaces to tight tolerances and surface finish requirements.