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Machining Capacity List

The following is a list of our current machines. If you would like to find out more about a particular machining capacity please contact us.


CNC Lathes

Gildemeister 400
Hass TL3

CNC machining Centres

Gildemeister 63V
Gildemeister 103V
Hurco BMC 30
Hurco BMC 30HT

Centre Lathe

Colchester Triumph 2000

Milling Machines

TOS Vertical 
TOS universal

Jig Borer

Burkhardt Hyop 80 - 48" X 30"

Vertical Borer

Webster & Bennett 60"

Drilling Machines

Asquith Radial
Coburn High Speed Spindle for Ceramic Drilling
Pillar Drill for Ceramic Drilling
Pillar Drills (X4)

Grinding Machines

Jones & Shipman 540 Surface 
Europa 7530
Jones & Shipman 310 
Jones & Shipman 310T
Jones & Shipman 1300 Universal
Jones & Shipman 1314 Universal (X2)
Ribbon 800 Universal
Lumbsden 48" Plough
Clarkson Cutter
Walter Cutter with control spiral
Dorman 108 Drill - Grinder


Guyson Shotblast Cabinet
Startrite Bandsaw
Power Cut-off saw
20 ton Hydraulic Mills Press

Measuring Equipment

Brown & Sharpe 454 CMM
Surface Measurement
Instron Hardness Tester